Dark RP Rules

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Dark RP Rules

Post by Brendan.Worl on Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:19 pm

Common Sense
1: Use Common sense, don't do something stupid that you know will get you in trouble
2: Use the @ symbol before you message to contact admins.

General Rules
1: Don't be a brat.
   A. Being a brat means being extremely annoying.
2: Don't RDM.
   A. RDM means RANDOMLY killing someone for absolutely no valid reason (Shooting someone who is just walking down the street)
   B.Revenge killing is NOT RDM!
3. Don't excessively Revenge kill.
   A. If you don't want to be revenge killed, don't revenge kill.
   B. Don't kill someone in revenge more than once. (the kills past the revenge
   C. If someone is killing you in revenge more than once, contact admins.
4. Don't break the New Life Rule.
   A. The New Life Rule (NLR) means you cant return to a raid zone for 3 minutes after you die.
   B. You can return to the raid zone before 3 minutes if the raid is called over.
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